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Cris Woloszak
Born in New York City, Cris and his family moved to
beautiful South Florida when he was a young boy.
As with most kids the Florida ocean surf was
something he found irresistible and soon Cris found
himself swimming and surfing at the early age of
eleven. During his surfing years he would observe
the sharks and sea life around him, at the time little
did he know that the subject of his love would be
the growth of his artistic talent. When Cris was
fourteen his family moved back to New York after
having spent eight years in Florida. Being away
from the beach, Cris seemed to be lost…but he
found a new passion, Hot Rods! His father took him
to the Lead East Car Show where he saw in person
for the first time a Hotrod painted with flames. He
said “I was blown away by a flame job on a ’32
Ford; it was a candy teal with ghost flames. Wow!
Do I need to learn to do that “he thought to himself
“. Like all teenage boys, Cris wanted to have a fast
car. His first was a ’68 Plymouth Road Runner. It
was a classic muscle car and his first hands on
experience in painting.
One day he walked into an art gallery and saw a bronze sculpture of a dolphin. He turned to his
friend and said “Wouldn’t that look cool with a flame job on it”. Soon thereafter he came across
a taxidermy bull shark from his friend and decided to apply his flame technique on this shark –
“candy red with gold flames”. It took Cris only one week to finish the piece and he hung it up in
his shop. Clients coming by would be amazed with the shark and many would offer to buy it.
Cris purchased more mounts and his creativity was one of awe and wonder!
The Process
For years the Taxidermist has embodied the craft of preservation for all types
of animals and sea life. The preservation methods have varied depending on
the type of taxidermy whether it was from the ocean or the worlds great
forests and lakes. Typically these artisans have labored to recreate nature to
its true form in order to preserve the creature for generations.
Cris Woloszak has added a new dimension to the collection of sea life its
preservation and how we use it in our daily lives to beautify and experience a
small piece of nature with the added impact of an artist using color and
design in order to create a new experience for collectors.
Cris has created a cultural art revolution with respect to color expression and
even the environmental aspects of collecting the natural creatures of the
ocean as experience by many art collectors. Today, fishermen use his
program for catch and release and enjoy the lasting beauty of the sea life as
it is transformed into art work.  

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