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Thomas Easley
Thomas Easley is a self-taught
artist whose successful career
spanning 30 years and three
continents has taken him from
the snow capped Sierras of his
childhood to the verdant hills of
England, the canals of Venice
and the banks of the holy
Ganges in India. Each location
has provided Easley with
insight for his inquisitive mind
and inspiration for his blend of
painting styles and techniques.
Since Easley’s return
to the United States,
he has focused his
passion on creating
wine still life paintings
that are reminiscent
of the warmly lit rich
style of European
masters and
energetic roosters
filled with attitude and
It is the applied knowledge
and the development of his
wonderful skill while
studying abroad which
today gives Thomas the
confidence to meld
traditional styles with new;
to create a blend that is
uniquely his own. Rather
than a signature image,
Easley’s works are
recognized by a signature
style. Using layered and
modeled acrylic paint on
board, a rich vibrant images
is created, it is bold and life
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