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Christian Riese Lassen    
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Christian Riese Lassen was born in California in
1956 and raised in Hawaii. Growing up
Lassen's imagination was greatly sparked, and
his creativity stimulated by the tropical beauty
he was surrounded with. At the early age of 10,
Lassen began his journey of artistic exploration.
He then dedicated his life to his talent;
mastering techniques, and creating his own
style. Early on, Lassen sold his artwork for
t-shirt designs, then selling his paintings at a
small local art shop. Before making it big in the
art world, Lassen became famous for his
athletic ability as a star surfer. At that time, he
managed his own art career until the mid-80's.
These Days, Christian Lassen is considered to
be one of the most talented artist of our time.
Lassen's paintings
reflect a style that is
uniquely his own. He is
internationally renowned
for his lavish seascapes,
above and below
perspectives, and his
other marine life work,
his body of work is
astonishingly broad and
diverse. His  scope of
painting techniques and
subject matters have to
come include:
impressionism, pop-art,
surrealism, and abstract
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