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Artist at his studio- New January 2009 collections By
Fabian Perez
Fabian Perez was born on November 2, 1967 in
Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a teenager Fabian Perez  
was fascinated with martial arts and
fine arts. Therefore, he dedicated himself to study
both disciplines. Karate helped influence his
character giving him great discipline as well
as opening him up to other forms of art. Much of what
Fabian learned through his Eastern studies
influenced his paintings.
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"Anna At the Bar"
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"Aros Rojos"
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"Luciana At the Bar"
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"For Better Life II"
Limited Edition On Canvas
"Man At the Red Bar"
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"Lucy In LA"
Limited Edition On Canvas
"Man In White Suite V"
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"Man Lighting Cigarette II"
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"Marmol Negro"
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"Man Lighting Cigarette III"
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"Sandra At the Red Sign"
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"Saba On the Stairs"
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Giclee on Canvas
"Man Lighting Cigarette"
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"The Dark Room II"
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"Paola On Couch"
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"Paola On Bed II"
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"Saba At Las Brujas II"
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