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David Garibaldi -Artist Bio
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“My Platform is Art, My Message is Purpose”

-David Garibaldi

Black Pearl Fine Art is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Artist David Garibaldi....

In his studio, Garibaldi’s paintings capture the energy and vibe of urban jazz, contemporary hip-
hop culture.  The essence of urban expressionism comes alive with every brush stroke making
Garibaldi’s scenes so strikingly real.  His intense attention to detail paired with a graffiti-inspired
style, life-like stylization, and urban settings create works of art that appeal to an expansive
group of collectors.  

Born in Los Angeles in 1982, Garibaldi’s artistic talent was evident at a young age.  However, his
early life was overshadowed by the tough environment that surrounded him.  Garibaldi was not
immune to lure of graffiti life and found a niche in urban art.  It was not until high school that he
was able to turn his influences of hip-hop culture into a positive direction and walked away from
illegal graffiti, using his spirituality to guide him.  Despite seasons of hard times to come, nothing
could shake the drive of this young artist from pursuing his dreams.

Garibaldi has already developed a following from his live painting performances called “Rhythm
and Hue ”. Performances by David Garibaldi have included celebrities, CEO’s, politicians, pro-
athletes, and audiences around the world, which consist of various venues such as concerts,
private parties, corporate meetings, and other large scale events. Garibaldi has been featured in
worldwide media, national news, and countless local press.  Notable networks such as MTV,
NBC, UPN, PBS, TNT, and Telemundo have aired stories and events on Garibaldi.

Black Pearl Fine Art loves to keep our clients up to date with the latest in the art world and we are
offering you a peek inside the world of David Garibaldi. Now is the time to become a part of the
lifestyle of Garibaldi’s Urban Expression: Rhythm, Color, Culture, Energy.  DAVID GARIBALDI IS
THIS YEAR’S HOTTEST NEW ARTIST!  With the holidays upon us, don’t miss the opportunity to
collect David Garibaldi’s Limited Edition artwork.  Garibaldi’s art evokes passion and purpose,
making it a must have for this holiday season!  As our gift to you, any purchase of Garibaldi
artwork this year comes with an original sketch by the artist.  Don’t miss out on David Garibaldi
or any of our other artist latest releases!

Artist David Garibaldi helps celebrate the late Jimi Hendrix’s 65th Birthday

On December 1, 2007 at Las Vegas 's newest hotel Planet Hollywood , David Garibaldi teamed up
with the Jimi Hendrix Estate to celebrate the 65th birthday of the late Jimi Hendrix.  Garibaldi
painted three different original paintings of Hendrix throughout the course of the evening in his
Rhythm and Hue style.  Each 6-by-6 foot portrait was completed in roughly 7 minutes.  In
attendance was Leon Hendrix, Jimi’s brother, who was blown away by the amazing
performances and personally signed the paintings along side of Garibaldi.  At the end of the last
performance, Garibaldi recounted the personal connection he shares with Hendrix.  He told the
story of being over at a friend’s home four years ago and seeing an original painting created by
Denny Dent of Hendrix.  It was then that Garibaldi began his journey of Rhythm and Hue .  
Staring at the painting, he wanted to discover and learn how such a work of art was created.  
From that point on Garibaldi taught himself the artistry and technique of performance art.  

Rhythm and Hue has become David Garibaldi’s platform to ignite passion and purpose in the
lives of those who witness his performance.  His goal is to inspire and live as an example of
where you can positively direct your life, just as he did when he laid eyes upon that Jimi Hendrix
portrait a few years ago.   

Artist David Garibaldi Scores Big with Santana at the Halftime show of the NBA Golden State

On Thursday, November 8, 2007, David Garibaldi performed his Rhythm and Hue performance
art at the halftime show of the NBA Golden State warriors.  In front of about 18,000 people,
Garibaldi was midway through his painting of Carlos Santana, when the, already deafening
crowd, became even louder.   He turned around to see, in a bright yellow blazer and a signature
beanie hat, Carlos Santana himself.  David said, “I couldn't believe it, I've painted the portrait
many times and never expected that the icon would stand there watch his portrait come to life.”

What was also very remarkable is that usually that halftime shows do not make airtime unless
the performer is a superstar.  On Thursday, November 8, TNT aired David Garibaldi’s
performance in its entirety!  What was even more amazing is that just the weekend before David
had painted and met Charles Barkley for a charity event.  Barkley was commentating for the TNT
Thursday night game and raved about Garibaldi on air.  Even after the game on the Post Game
Show with Charles Barkley, he continued to praise David which you can see in one the links


Post Game Show with Charles Barkley:
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