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Toby Bluth - Artist Biography

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Toby Bluth
                       Inspiration & Intro

Walt Disney was a man who had an amazing ability to
inspire other people to remarkable creative
achievements. Toby Bluth happens to be one of those
shining gems of talent that to this day draws inspiration
from the life and work of Walt Disney. Starting with Snow
White and the Seven Dwarfs then continuing with
Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi, the first five
feature length films to come out of Walt Disney Studios,
according to Bluth, are the five gems in the crown of
animation’s royal history.

Just as those five films marked Walt’s grand entrance
into feature length storytelling they, quite appropriately,
set the stage for the first five limited edition giclées in
Bluth’s Disney Fine Art portfolio. Infused with all the
depth, texture and richness of Toby’s original watercolors
these fine prints will be enjoyed for generations, very
much in the spirit of the timeless classics that inspired

Technique and approach

“Creating the moment that you think you saw…” is how
Toby Bluth describes his approach in conceiving each
one of his watercolor masterpieces. Believing that how
one remembers a film is often different from the actual
film itself, Toby paints what he perceives as the collective
memory of a film experience and taps into the emotional
essence of the story.
Chiaroscuro, defined as the use of deep
variations in, and subtle gradations of, light
and shade, especially to enhance the
delineation of character and for dramatic
effect, is a key component in Bluth’s work.
The blue shaded undercoat or chiaroscuro
effect, seen in this example of his work-in-
progress, adds depth, life and warm and
cool shadows to each scene Bluth invites
us into. Toby also refers to this process as
“painting the light and the air”.
Fumado, a word which basically means
“smoky”, is a term Toby uses to describe
the notion that as things move away from
you in distance or time, they get hazy and
out of focus…much like our memory of
events in our lives. He uses this principal
as inspiration in how he composes his
paintings, to draw focus (or lack of) to
certain elements in his work.

Inspired by the work of legendary illustrator Gustaf Tengrenn, whom Walt
Disney recruited to work on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bluth is
passionate about his craft. A multifaceted artist, Toby’s creative endeavors do
not end at the tip of his brush. He is an accomplished writer, director,
designer and a veteran of the American musical stage, having performed and
or directed in nearly one hundred musicals, both on Broadway and beyond.
Most recently he served as Art Director for The Walt Disney Studios
production of The Three Musketeers, having already served in that position
for the animated feature film The Tigger Movie.
"Stay wide awake,
beware of spells, we are
entering magic.  In
viewing my artwork I
want you to see the film
you think you remember
- and a little bit more."